Twitter Accounts Every Affiliate Marketer Should Follow 

 October 9, 2019

By  Alice Sanders

To help new affiliates get quick information, tools, and other types of assistance in their work, Twitter accounts are by far the best source. All you need is to find relevant Twitter accounts and start following them. 

Soon, you’ll be able to learn a lot of affiliate marketing stuff that would take years if you weren’t following them. More importantly, you’ll be able to make important connections with the Pros of the industry with some of them belonging to your niche. 

Category 1 – Affiliate Marketers 

Well, it’s a no brainer that you should follow the market leaders, and Twitter is the best platform to know their activities, things they like, products they use, and much other stuff. Featuring some of the most prestigious names, here is our list of popular affiliate markets: 

Rae Hoffman-Dolan (@sugarrae)

Rae Hoffman-Dolan - Twitter

She’s the owner of White-Collar Redneck and Co-owns AMI House Buyers. Rae Dolan has been amongst the popular affiliate marketers with 26.4K followers at present. Sugar Rae’s favorite is sharing advice and anecdotes with her followers.

Shawn Collins (@affiliatetip)

Shawn Collins - Twitter

Shawn Collins (@shawncollins) is a popular affiliate marketer with over 42000 twitter followers. He’s a co-founder of Affiliate Summit. With his Affiliate Tip account, he shares tweets on affiliate marketing tips as well as conference updates. 

Jeremy Schoemaker (@shoemoney)

Jeremy Schoemaker - Twitter

Jeremy “Shoemoney” Shoemaker is right at the top with over 131K Twitter followers. He tweets quite often and shares his experiences on his blog – Shoemoney Media.  

Zac Johnson (@moneyreign)

Zac Johnson - Twitter

Zac Johnson (@zacjohnson) has been in the affiliate marketing business for 20 years, and his Twitter profile shows he’s been an influencer with the following of almost 58k. With his Twitter Account; @moneyreign he shares money-making secrets and internet marketing strategies. So, we recommend that you should follow both the accounts. 

Geno Prussakov (@ePrussakov)

Geno Prussakov - Twitter

Besides an affiliating marketing pro, Geno Prussakov is a blogger, author, and consultant. His work is one reason why he’s so famous. Another reason is, he founded the AM Days affiliate marketing conference. Moreover, he also founded a resource site called AM Navigator.

Steph Lichtenstein (@MicroSteph

Steph Lichtenstein - Twitter

Steph Lichtenstein is the president of an outsourced social media solution called Micro Media Marketing. Her tweets cover topics surrounding affiliate marketing, social media marketing and different topics related to internet marketing. She is quite active on Twitter and often reply and re-tweet to her followers.

Matthew Wood (@matthewwood

Matthew Wood - Twitter

Matthew Wood’s Twitter profile has 11,700 followers to date. The UK based affiliate marketer is the founder of a website about affiliate and performance marketing; PerformanceIN.(@PerformanceIN). This site shares news and research on different marketing techniques and tools. 

Jonathon Volk (@jonathonvolk)

Jonathon Volk - Twitter

Jonathan Volk is an established entrepreneur, investor, and affiliate marketer who’s got over 26k followers on Twitter. He discusses eCommerce in great detail on Twitter. 

Category 2 – Affiliate Marketing Events

Then there are Twitter accounts for affiliate marketing events. To be a successful affiliate, you should be participating in a few of them. If you can’t, you can get handy information from their post. 

LeadsCon (@LeadsCon)

LeadsCon - Twitter

This Twitter profile has a lot to offer to the lead-generation industry in the United States. Among its 5,600+ followers, there are top buyers, retailers, merchants, tech solution providers, marketers, and others. 

Affiliate Summit (@affiliatesummit)

Affiliate Summit - Twitter

Affiliate Summit was started in 2003 and since then it continues to grow its followers around the world. Up until now, the conference has accumulated more than 92,000 followers. It’s a must-have tool for both, affiliates and retailers not only because of the content but also because of the followers that include big players of affiliate marketing. 

ad:tech (@adtech)

ad:tech - Twitter

With over 35,000 followers, ad: tech has is a go-to Twitter profile for affiliate marketers, digital marketers and everyone who’s bread and butter is the Internet. It’s arguably the largest digital marketing conference. 

AM Days (@AMDays)

AM Days - Twitter

Affiliate Management Days (@AMDays) was founded by Geno Prussakov. It’s an event builder for affiliate managers, digital marketers, and CMOs. The purpose is to improve affiliate marketing strategies of companies they’re working with. This Twitter page has 793 followers for now. 

PubCon (@pubcon)

PubCon - Twitter

PubCon is a popular Twitter page that has over 12K followers. It’s a conference that offers solutions for social media marketing, SEO, and search marketing issues. This page features information related to affiliate marketing and other internet marketing methods. 

Category 3 – Affiliate Networks

As an affiliate, you need to be a member of at least one affiliate network. For your convenience, we are sharing a list of affiliate network’s twitter accounts so you don’t miss any updates.

Clickbooth (@clickbooth)

Clickbooth - Twitter

Clickbooth has got more than 14K Twitter followers. It is an exclusive CPC and CPA network for affiliate marketers.

Commission Junction (@CJnetwork)

Commission Junction - Twitter

Commission Junction is probably the biggest network for the affiliates. It has got more than 34K Twitter followers. The affiliate network offers helpful information for potential partners on either side of the affiliate aisle.

ShareASale (@shareasale)

ShareASale - Twitter

ShareASale is an affiliate network offering tools & technology to more than 14000 Twitter followers.

XY7 (@XY7)

XY7 - Twitter

XY7 is an affiliate network from Las Vegas. Its Twitter page has got just over 1000 followers. This profile covers different topics for internet marketers and has got something for the affiliates as well. 

ClickBank (@ClickBank)

ClickBank - Twitter

ClickBank is the world leader in performance marketing. Their Twitter page consists of over 36,000 followers. This affiliate network is a Must for all the affiliates. 

AvantLink (@AvantLink)

AvantLink - Twitter

AvantLink has got over 3,400 Twitter followers to date. The affiliate network offers a wide range of tools and scripts to its affiliate partners. They can integrate into the AvantLink platform for free. 

Convert2Media (@convert2media)

Convert2Media - Twitter

This twitter page belongs to Conver2Media, LLC and it has over 3,700 Twitter followers. It’s a private CPA network that deals with social media, PPC, and PPV.

Category 4 – Other Affiliate Marketing Accounts

Apart from the feeds from influencers, affiliate networks, and conferences, you should look for handy tips and tricks shared on different blogs and other social channels. To keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in this filed, you should check out and choose from this list of important Twitter accounts. 

AM Navigator (@AMNavigator)

AM Navigator - Twitter

AM Navigator represents Prussakov’s website and it is about affiliate tips and information to its followers. So far, the twitter account has got 1.2K followers. 

NoExpAffiliates (@NoExpAffiliates)

NoExpAffiliates - Twitter

NoExpAffiliates is about helping new affiliates get more from their connections. This Twitter account has 8.2K+ followers. 

Affbuzz.com (@affbuzz)

Affbuzz.com - Twitter

AffBuzz is actually an affiliate marketing news site as well as a blog aggregator. Their Twitter followers have increased to 4.2K since 2009.

AffiliatePaying (@AffiliatePaying)

AffiliatePaying - Twitter

AffilaitePaying features more than 1000 CPA affiliate networks and it’s solely about helping affiliates. So far AffiliatePaying has over 4.3K Twitter followers.

ReveNews (@Revenews)

ReveNews - Twitter

@Revenews is a twitter handler of a popular internet marketing and advertising site. This twitter page has over 2.5K followers so far.

Int_Marketing (@intmarketingtip)

Int_Marketing - Twitter

This US-based Twitter account features helpful tips and industry information for digital marketers, including affiliate marketers. It has over 79K followers so far.

Affilorama (@Affilorama)

Affilorama - Twitter

Affilorama is a Twitter account used for educating its followers and members. It offers software tools and knowledge of affiliate marketing. So far, Affilorama has got over 10.8K Twitter followers.


Well, you must have been following a few of these Twitter Accounts, but this list must have given you ideas about helpful Twitter accounts. Do share with us if you have any Twitter Account in mind.

Alice Sanders

I have worked in various industries as a content writer in the field of health & beauty, lifestyle, vegan, and digital marketing. Now working with Chris hopefully for the best.

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