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  • The little tips that will help you get a better open rate and get a chance to put eyes on your message.
  • A simple yet effective email layout, that can be used to increase your CTR and give you a better sender score in the eyes of email providers.
  • A complete checklist of do's and don'ts to avoid triggering the SPAM filter and keep your autoresponder safe from an account shutdown.
  • Answer to most common questions about email marketing such as "How often should I send an email to my list?", "What is RGPD? Am I concerned even if I'm not an EU citizen? (short answer is yes), etc...

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The first time I saw this page I thought "ok, another email trap...". But I decided to give it a try since email marketing is important for me. And the most that I can say is that I was happily surprised by the content of this guide, and everything else unannounced on this page. I definitely recommend this guide if you are working online.


Nancy Miller

MARKETING & Sales representative

As an affiliate marketer, I have to use email almost every day to follow-up with my leads. Before getting this guide, I was facing a decreasing open-rate and even lower CTR. Most of my emails ended-up in the SPAM folder and was afraid to get my account shut down by my autoresponder service. But with this guide, I was able to rectify this problem and my lists are becoming more and more responsive.


Matthey Taylor

Affiliate Marketer

In the past, I was sending emails one by one to my clients. And even if it was a good thing to keep a deep relationship with them, it was really time-consuming. I was told to learn email marketing and I landed on this page. This free guide is really helpful and not too complicated, even for me!


Barbara Lopez


Having to write emails, for marketing purposes is a skill that needs to be taught. Contrary to other, this one doesn't give much room for trial and error, because once your domain name is blacklisted by email providers, it is almost definitive.

This report is great guidance to avoid newbies error and get a very responsive list even in my very competitive market .

Well done Chris !

Get This Guide For Free Today!

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