Quora For Business: Here is How To Do It Correctly

Posted by Chris Riviera | Updated September 1, 2022

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What if I tell you that a service that is actually used for questions and answers, Quora, is not your average answer finder anymore? Well, it’s bigger than that! People use Quora For Business: Here is How To Do it Correctly.

From the lame questions like “If Einstein was so smart, why did he die?”, to engaging questions such as “What are the most common mistakes first time entrepreneurs make?”, Quora has got answers for everything.

Now, you must be wondering how this basic question-answer service will actually help you boost up your business? Read ahead. 

How To Do It Correctly

Quora For Business

Quora has a vast community all around the world that includes the users who freely moderate the service along with the actual team of moderators. 

The users can upvote, downvote, and report the answers based on relevancy, spam, correctness, and improper content. The most upvoted answer is displayed on the top, while the most downvoted answer is placed at the bottom. 

Quora is ‘super’ SEO friendly (the top voted answers rank up in the search engines when searching for related keywords). Therefore, it can be an amazing place to market your business. 

Now, this might seem like a piece of cake, but it isn’t. You’ll only be able to get some fruitful results if you do it correctly and relevantly. Read the following steps to build your business or brand visibility through Quora. 

Start With The Profile

Don’t be another unnoticed and irrelevant business in the pool of unsuccessful businesses on Quora. Do you know what they did? They didn’t set up a proper company profile

Yes, a company profile is very important for the authenticity and visibility of the business. Therefore, start by writing the company name (or company topic) on your About page, and then add logo and description as well.

But, there is a little downside to it that anyone can make modifications to your page (just like in Wikipedia), so keep an eye on that regularly. 

Also, complete every field given on the form when registering your Business on Quora. A complete profile builds users’ trust on your profile, and also creates improved visibility (cherries on the top).

Answer Relevantly

Post Solution on Quora

This should be obvious enough. Once you have decided on the topic or the service your business provides, search only for the questions that are relevant to your business. 

Like, you can not talk about your car repair service on a question related to beauty or fashion.

This is the time where keywords matter. Look for the keywords that match your business, and answer only to those questions where it fits. 

If you start answering here and there, users will start downvoting your answers, and thus, you’ll end up having a suspended account (which obviously you don’t want). 

The Iceberg Effect Book Offer

Be Active and Engaging

Everything works in a “give and take” manner. Don’t be too selfish when it comes to engaging with the content shared by others.

Follow the questions and answers, and the people who participate in them.

Also, upvote the answers you like. The upvotes appear on the user’s notifications section, thus getting some eyes on you and eventually follow backs (that’s all you want, some recognition). 

Don’t Self Promote

Don't Self Promote on Quora

Okay, this might sound very weird, but trust me, it is the best way around. Don’t make your answers look like a marketing copy, don’t ever.

Your business topic is home ground for you. Answer the questions wisely, without making it look like a cry for attention for the business.

People will start noticing your business themselves when they are satisfied with your contribution. 

Don’t Only Answer, But Question As Well

Questions are equally important as the answers on Quora.

Well, you might not believe there is also some reward for the best questions like for the best answers

So, a good business also asks engaging questions to get feedback from the people out there.

Also, don’t ask a vague question, make it the right question while sprinkling some interest over it.  

Below is a short video about Quora For Business Hacks from the Master himself.


Overdoing Always Kills

Here we are talking about overdoing of two things, over answering and overselling. 

About the over answering, don’t drown in the flow. Quora lets you answer only 3-7 questions per week, and if you exceed this limit, you’ll be penalized for the misuse of Quora policies that might suspend your account too.

Users can still see the details about your removed answers (uh-huh, some bummer for your company’s reputation). 

And about the overselling, over answering is directly proportional to the overselling. Self-promotion counted as a cry for help (well, most of the time).

So, adopt one tactic, casually sliding your business into your answers. 

Use Quora To Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Since the Quora community is huge, people always have something to talk about. This makes it easier for you to carry out your competitor research. 

Quora allows you to follow the topics. And, by doing that, the questions and discussions related to those topics will pop up on your feed. In this way, you can look for competitive brands and businesses on different discussion threads. 

It is no shame to learn a thing or two from their marketing tactic.

However, don’t copy their style or ask people to check out your business rather than your competition’s (that’s an awful thing to do).

Participate on your own, and set up your own style to reach out to the people. 

Final Words

This marks the end of my article “Quora For Business: Here Is How To Do It Correctly,” and I hope that now you have a little head start too. 

The key to gain customers for business is patience and steadiness. You can’t expect the fame overnight (unless you are a celebrity and starting up a business).

Therefore, keep your game up on Quora as well as other platforms and wait for the fruitful results. 

After all, hard work pays off, be it an exam or a business.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you. These are products I’ve personally used and stand behind. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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