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Posted by Serena Foster | Updated September 23, 2021

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Looking for the best email marketing tools for your small business? You’ve come to the right place – please read on…

No matter how far social media goes with all its glitz and glamour, it cannot get that kind of importance the emails still have. Email marketing has the potential to go beyond expectations, and payback 100 times or even better. 

However, it requires your time and attention to create a properly segmented, well-targeted, and personalized email marketing campaign to get the most out of it. 

You cannot just do it all by yourself. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top 10 email marketing tools that will help you take your email campaigns to the next level.

1. Litmus

Because of features like A/B testing and tracking emails, Litmus has been a highly versatile tool for email marketing. It offers device flexibility when testing email campaign performance. You can test as many as 40 clients and devices with Litmus.


This handy tool is available for a 7-day free trial while its basic version is available for $79. 

2. MailChimp

It’s YouTube links and messages are funny but MailChimp is pretty serious about managing your email marketing campaigns. It lets you send out surveys to your subscribers and customers. The dashboard feature is quite comprehensive as well. 


This email marketing tool lets you segment your audience and create segmented email campaigns. Moreover, you can integrate the mail tracking option to your website via Google Analytics or Salesforce. 

You can also choose the “auto-responder” feature but then you need to have a paid account. You can create specific responders according to the trigger or segments.

MailChimp is quite affordable. In fact, it is free up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month. If you want an unlimited account, the pricing starts from $10/month.

3. AWeber


The best thing about AWeber is its autoresponder tool that works great in engaging with customers. The email marketing tool offers as many as 150 templates for a trouble-free campaign. AWeber offers improvement in numerous functions if you connect it with other online services. 

For example:

  • By integrating your AWeber account with Salesforce, followed by a little customization, you can easily find out how many of your subscribers got subscribed to emails from AWeber, and how many emails they’ve received from you. 
  • You can integrate AWeber with popular shopping-cart tools to always get an email of new customers whenever they purchase from your website. 

AWeber Labs is the best feature of all. It lets you create your own apps and tools using AWeber API.  

Aweber offers $19/month covering up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails. The email marketing tool is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

4. Reach Mail

Reach Mail

Reach Mail features message testing option to let you compare direct performance metrics up to 5 individual email marketing campaigns. This smart feature also considers subject lines or content to pinpoint the mistake for quick changes. As the ‘test campaign’ is finished you’ll get a snapshot report informing you about the email open rates pertaining to each of the tested versions. 

Hundreds of email templates allow you to choose the best one for your campaign, plus you can opt for custom-made design, and it will be taken care of.

Reach Mail’s advanced tracking option allows you to see:

  • The recipients who forwarded your message
  • Recipients who clicked on your links
  • Recipients who opted out. 

Reach Mail tool can be had for $10 per month and its pricing goes up to $70 per month

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

When it comes to inspiring email templates, nothing can compete with the Constant Contact email marketing tool. You can choose from hundreds of design templates and insert features, like images, polls, documents, surveys, links, etc. Alternatively, you can create your own custom-made design. 

  • Constant Contact lets you import images and text directly into the WYG editor.
  • It helps build email campaign reports focusing on main KPIs – opt-ins, opt-outs, click-throughs, complaints, bounce rate, forwards, etc. 
  • You can create attractive-looking social-share toolbars and social buttons to direct your subscribers to your social media page.

Constant Contact’s email plan is available at $20/month.  

6. ToutApp


ToutApp offers exceptional features and functionality. It’s the best solution for your email marketing team in terms of:

  • Email templates for different purposes
  • Monitoring performance – number of emails delivered, opened, forwarded, clicked, attachments opened, etc. So, it goes deep down to bring out valuable information for future emails to clients.

Multiple-device access allows you to access the tool from a smartphone. You can schedule emails using your phone. ToutApp can be integrated into your CRM as well as for analytics. In this way, you can view your campaign’s performance on your CRM’s dashboard. 

The price of the basic ToutApp version starts from $30/month. But before that, try their 14-day trial version.

7. ClickFunnels


Landing pages are the next step where your customer lands after clicking on the link in your email. It’s a no-brainer really to create attention-grabbing content with a powerful urge to take desired actions. 

In your effort to maximize conversion, ClickFunnels is a helpful tool to let you create converting landing pages and Funnels. What more appealing about this tool is, you don’t have to be a developer or designer to use this software.

You can instantly create a variety of pages without using any advanced code. Plus, you can edit available templates and customize your landing pages. Since codes are easy-to-read, the landing pages take no time to load. 

Finally, ClickFunnels can be easily, and quickly, integrated with top-of-the-line email marketing services.

Pricing starts with $97/month and you can try it for free during 14 days.

8. Infusionsoft


Although Infusionsoft is expensive, it offers returns beyond expectations. There are case studies showing Infusionsoft has helped people increase their revenue 8 times and their profits grew by 300%.

Infusionsoft offers a Kickstarter session as you purchase the product. Its step-by-step guide helps you create automated email marketing campaigns. The flowchart-like campaign building is something people find quite interesting.

The real purpose of building such a thoughtful automated process is to give each and every customer individual attention. This tool ensures none of the emails go unattended from your inbox. 

Pricing starts from $199 per month and covers up to 2,500 customers with a maximum of 12,500 emails per month. 

9. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a template builder tool that ensures mobile-friendly emails. To ensure design optimization across popular email networks, this tool displays email templates in the formats used by popular email clients – Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. 

Campaign Monitor offers an integrated template editor for editing your future emails. Just import your own HTML email template with the help of Campaign Monitor’s tags and edit it via this editor. 

Another advantage of Campaign Monitor is, it lets you set auto-responders quite easily. Since segmentation has become crucial these days, this tool lets you create optimized templates for a specific group of audience. 

Campaign Monitor email marketing tool is available in two versions: basic version @ $9 per month and unlimited version @ $29/month.

10. Vertical Response

Vertical Response

With Vertical Response, you can easily integrate your email campaigns to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, etc. With your current contact list, you’ll get a much wider audience to reach out to. 

This tool offers an email wizard to help you tackle the HTML-related difficulties if you’re not well-versed with it. There is a freeform HTML to help you create emails with your company website’s design. Or, you can choose a text-only option to create an image- or logo-free emails.

Vertical Response is free up to 1000 contacts and 4000 emails per month. 


All of these tools have exceptional features to support your marketing strategy. It’s up to you to decide which of these tools meet your goals of maximizing reach and conversion.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you. These are products I’ve personally used and stand behind. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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