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Posted by Steeve Thompson | Updated September 23, 2021

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It’s almost 2020 and social media marketing is on the roll. These days, social media portals are more than just online communication tools. Influential brands know their impact on their customers and those brands are the ones taking the for the last few years. 

When a brand steps into the social media marketing world, it’s not just showing it’s products off to the world. The online presence helps them produce various marketing strategies by, 

  • Analyzing consumer behavior
  • Keeping up with the latest trends
  • Customer profiling
  • And conduct productive competitor evaluation

Sounds crazy? Believe it or not, brands are operating this way on social media right under your nose. For example, Facebook influenced about 36% of all consumer purchases initially, and the number rose to 52% in 2015. However, until 2019 the statistics rose to about 75%. But who are the brands that got the essence of social media marketing? Here’s a list of the top brands who have been using social media as the holy grail of marketing. 

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics Brand

Lush cosmetics is a popular brand on social media with about 4 million followers on Instagram. What makes their page a go-to portal for cosmetic enthusiasts? The reason is that they’ve captured the essence to thrive on social media, simply, socializing. The brand advertises user-generated content, which creates a productive user network around it. Customers rush in to post their photographs and reviews of the products they bought. This, in turn, generates productive conversations around the brand and generates honest reviews.

Customers submit their content automatically by using a lush life hashtag. This pours the content directly into the brand’s database and helps them create relatable content according to user feedback.


Casper is a brand that uses the cross-marketing technique on social media. They have a popular channel called Casper sleeping channel on social media forums like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

The channel provides relaxing music, bedtime stories, and meditation techniques to transport you into slumberland. Guess what the channel takes you towards? Their high-quality mattress range of course! The popularity of their channel, aiming to help people, directs the traffic towards their product. Smart move huh? 

National Geographic

National Geographic Media Brand

National Geographic has visuals and image power to get trending on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The fact that helped them generate more user traffic is that they paid attention to the socializing part of social media.

Nat Geo created their subsocial photography community known as ‘Your Shot’. Here, amateur photographers can view each other work, communicate with the vast network, and even get thematic photography assignments supervised by Nat Geo. 

But, how does this initiative help them? Well, the motive of Nat Geo is to pass down knowledge about cultures, traditions, nature, and wildlife through a camera shot. The ‘Your Shot’ community helps them create a compassionate image for themselves as they encourage new talent, and entices young interest as well. 


Loreal Social Media

Apart from conversations and trivial life statuses, social media is a hub for social, cultural, and environmental opinions and diversities. Naturally, a brand that addresses these issues will get noticed by the masses right away. L’oréal is a leading cosmetic brand, which took up this formula by showcasing the daily life of L’Oreal workers and produce an inclusive image for their followers. 

Their hashtag ‘life at L’oreal’ gives out all the deets on their working conditions and employee benefits. This not only results in more recruitments but gives the brand a compassionate identity. 

Coca Cola

Coca-cola has set a level of its own when it comes to social media understanding. May it be Coca Cola TV featuring seasoned Uk-based YouTubers, or their share a coke initiative, the brand has succeeded in getting their word out.

The youtube channel has millions of followers and views on each video. Apart from basic content, there’s coke being advertised now and then. Such endeavors help create a connection between the users and the content presented from the platform, forming a close network for the brand itself. 


Oracle Social Media Brand

As a brand putting forward lots of diverse tech products, Oracle chose to create an approachable brand image rather than showcase their products.

The brand used the diverse views and beliefs trending on social media to create an image of social responsibility, to establish their motives as a brand. They make sure that each of their philanthropic endeavors and charity contributions is seen in the limelight.

Only recently, they rehomed a public high school that made it on to their twitter and Instagram pages. 


NASA on Social Media

Nasa is a total social media junkie. With portals across every social media forum bagging millions of followers everywhere the step in, Nasa is brilliant with social media commitment.

Usually, we would say it’s not a good decision to be affiliated with multiple social media forums for a brand, but we have to say Nasa does a good job with all of them.

The trick is commitment.

Nasa gives out intriguing and fascinating posts regularly. This keeps the online traffic connected and hanging on to everything they put out on their pages. 


This may be a hotel business when it started, but it’s revolutionized the way people travel and accommodate themselves. Their presence on social media consists of user-generated content such as images and videos. 

The best part is, the brand does not aim to present itself as a hotel business at all, in fact, it produces user-centered content to benefit its followers. From travel diaries to itineraries for amazing destinations, Airbnb portals advertise the experience in travel and luxury living.

The astounding increase in the brand’s followers since 2015 shows it’s on the right track in social media marketing.


Pampers on Social Media

If you’re a brand representing anything related to babies, your social media marketing policy is pretty much straightforward.

Just put up adorable pictures all over the internet and bam! You have a million followers.

However, that’s not the only tactic Pampers has devised for itself. The brand chose to highlight the emotional bond between a parent and a baby while using the product.

The campaign hit the right emotional notes for the brand and appealed to their potential customers more than any other sale-by slogans would. 


That’s our list of brands that have effectively handled their social media marketing.

From promoting social responsibility to giving out brand transparency and compassion towards their customers, to cross-marketing and proper hashtag usage, these brands have put social media to optimum use.

Now that you know how top brands do it, you can take a leaf from their book for your marketing campaigns as well. Happy Socializing!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you. These are products I’ve personally used and stand behind. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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