Here Is How AI Will Impact Blogging

Posted by Serena Foster | Updated August 7, 2022

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Being a blogger is not a piece of cake as it may seem, you might not be in an office environment, but you are in that state of mind. But don’t worry, just like in all other fields, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also made its way to the blogging world. And, Here is how AI (Artificial Intelligence) will impact blogging during the next decade. 

Take a look around, and you will barely have a sight not surrounded by machines and robotics. From a small appliance in your kitchen to your car, everything is using Artificial Intelligence tools. And, blogging being the ‘thing’ of the decade has started grabbing the attention of AI pros.  

Here is how AI will impact blogging during the next decade.

1. Choosing The Right Topic

How AI will impact Blogging

Blogging is a vast field (often considered endless), open to all subjects, but you have to choose the right one to attract the readers. Talking about a blog, it is either a ‘hit’ or a ‘miss,’ there is no in-between. The entire game depends on what you offer to the readers.

People who plan to start blogging often have a clear idea of the niche they wish to work on. There can be a possibility that you make the decision first and then choose to decide the topic. It can be a little difficult for the second lot to pick one specific genre from a vast sea of topics.

This is the essential part, as it is from where you start your journey. This is where it can be clearly said that Artificial Intelligence will impact blogging as there are AI tools that can pick topics for you, through different search engines.

These topics can be the ones that are most trending and highlight opportunities regarding themes and subjects that you can work on.

2. Making Content Quality Better

Making Content Quality Better with AI

Presenting your idea in a blog cannot be defined more precisely than “there’s a difference between being messy and creatively organized.”

Getting detailed information about something is no big deal now, thanks to Google. Write a word, and you get hundreds and thousands of blogs and articles. However, of all those blogs, the winner must be one, and it’s the best content which, steals the show.

The quality of content a blogger has to offer over the quantity attracts the readers. This is where artificial intelligence jumps in. Software that uses artificial intelligence can read and analyze the content, and further suggest improvements that can be made.

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3. Delivering The Right Message With Correct Grammar

Correct Grammar With AI

Chose the topic? Created the content? What’s next?

Once you have your content ready, make sure it is delivered in the right way. Will the readers, perceive what you are trying to convey, or they might get a different meaning? Just a slight difference in sentence structure can entirely change the meaning.

So, the next big thing is grammar; which, obviously defines your text. Artificial Intelligence offers some grammar checking tools that highlight grammatical errors such as punctuation and incorrect spellings.

This does not just help in making the content better but saves a lot of money. Not to forget, time is money; this cannot be truer in the world of blogging. As proofreading and editing is a full-time job on its own.

4. Think, Enter, Send. The Blog Is Ready

The Blog Is Ready

Machines have made our lives easy, just a few clicks, taps, and the job is done. Similar is the case with machine language, artificial intelligence can get your work done with a little effort too.

When we talk specifically about creating the content, artificial intelligence will impact blogging in many ways. Looking at the brighter side, there are AI tools that need certain specifications and data entry to create the entire content for you. Sounds so cool and easy, no?

Not to forget, there are always two sides to every picture. Let’s have a look at the second one; the content created by AI will be more with facts and figures rather than on ground realities. However, without any doubt, the quality of content would not be compromised.

5. Publishing The Content

wordpress cms

When you pass all the stages mentioned above, it seems like you made it to the end. But it would be more suitable to call it the beginning of an ending. This stage is itself a whole new process to find a suitable platform to publish your content. Here is another way on how AI will impact blogging.

Everything looks good in the right place, and so will your blog. Publishing an excellent and detailed makeup product review on a health and fitness website would not get it anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence will impact blogging in a way to help bloggers find a suitable platform to publish their content. This would bring in similar content on a single platform, hence, increased competition.

6. Quantifying The Outcome

Quantify With AI

It is easy to measure success, where there are numbers and figures involved. So, how do you quantify success in blogging? Success, in terms of blogging, is the number of people reviewing and saving our articles (basically, how good are you at reaching out to the world).

This is a general way to see the progress of your blog. For a detailed overview and feedback, again, AI tools can take the lead. With these tools, you can get feedback regarding what topic is being followed and reviewed more than others.

This is not it, AI tools audit the content, to identify the gaps and trends of the content. It tends to suggest what content can have the best performance and what can lack behind. 

Final words

Once you are done reading this article “Here is how AI will impact blogging” and understanding how Artificial Intelligence is going to divide the workload with bloggers, there is something on the contrary. Despite the rainbows and unicorns that a machine can bring, it can never compete for the human brain. There are no better ideas than the ones that a human mind thinks of (obviously).

The world is a free place to deliver your ideas and content. All you need is a little effort and the correct tools to polish and bring them in the right shape. Remember, no idea or thought is wrong. It’s just where you present it and how you present it.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you. These are products I’ve personally used and stand behind. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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