Top 10 Email Marketing Gurus To Follow On Twitter

Posted by Chris Riviera | Updated June 19, 2022

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New into email marketing and on Twitter? Find out who are the real pros and email marketing gurus to follow on Twitter…

It’s really tough to go through trade journals, case studies, and statistics concerned with email marketing to be on top of the things all the time. But wait!

Why should you do all the hard work when there are people who are already doing it better than you?

So, be smart and let them do the heavy lifting while you learn from them. And that’s the best thing about social media: 

  • You don’t really need their confirmation to follow them.
  • You’ll get information free of cost, through notifications in your smartphone. 
  • By following these email marketing gurus you’ll be able to get loads of data, from the sources you can’t even think about exploring.
  • You can easily utilize the wealth of knowledge from various authentic sources in your email marketing program.

Where should you find them? Most of the email marketing gurus have active Twitter profiles. So, you’ll not only get their Tweets regularly, there is a high chance of getting their re-tweets and replies, too. 

We have compiled a list of top email marketing experts you can follow on Twitter. All you need is to follow their profiles and get prepared for taking your email campaign to the next level. 

1. Ann Handley 

Twitter Handler: @marketingprofs

Followers: 448K

Ann Handley

Ann Handley is arguably the most popular marketing guru on Twitter and other social networks as well.

By profession, Ann is an author, and she is the Head of Content at MarketingProfs. Her book, “Everybody Writes” has been regarded as the bestseller by the Wall Street Journal.

No wonder why Forbes has cited her as an influencing female on social media. is a popular marketing and news commentary in which Ann was involved as a co-founder.

On Twitter, Ann talks about email marketing strategies, as well as other topics.

2. Joe Pulizzi 

Twitter Handler: @JoePulizzi

Followers: 153K

Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi has been one of the most authentic sources of digital marketing and email marketing. He is the founder of the famous Content Marketing Institute that has helped many entrepreneurs get on track through inspirational strategies.

Pulizzi likes bringing the best people of the marketing niche together. That’s why CMI holds an annual conference that indirectly helps small-to-medium businesses in their marketing efforts.

Pulizzi’s tweets on the internet and marketing trends are considered to be very important. 

3. Dave Chaffey

Twitter Handler: @DaveChaffey

Followers: 26.6K

Dave Chaffey

Dave Chaffey is the editor of Smart Insights, a company that assists businesses to get more advantages from digital marketing integration. He also has written a book, “Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation, and Practice.” That’s been quite popular in the industry.

On Twitter, Dave shares lots of helpful stuff; like ebooks, online courses, marketing advice, planning templates, and many other useful stuff for marketing and product promotion.

His Tweets cover digital marketing tools, statistics, email marketing challenges, and tips, etc. 

4. Return Path

Twitter Handler: @returnpath

Followers: 16.9K

Return Path

Return Path is regarded for its deliverability expertise.

On Twitter, the focus of the Return Path is on email marketing. You can get loads of insights pertaining to email marketing, for example, how Google scans your emails, how you can ensure your messages are authentic enough to reach the inboxes, not the spam folders, and how you can protect your online reputation. 

5. Chad S. White

Twitter Handler: @chadswhite

Followers: 16.7K

Chad S. White

Chad S. White is not only popular because of his Tweets about email marketing, but he also works at Litmus which is a great email marketing company known for testing and research.

Chad’s been into journalism so, his tweets about finding relevant and authentic articles will be quite useful.

If you don’t know, Chad White is the author of “Email Marketing Rules”. 

6. Jessica Best

Twitter Handler: @bestofjess

Followers: 7,177

Jessica Best

Jessica Best is working for Barkley as the Director of Data-driven Marketing. Jessica is known for her expertise in email marketing, mobile marketing, and front-end marketing.

Best likes to tweet about how to use email, how to adopt emails, what future trends email marketing is expecting, and A/B testing strategies, etc.

She also actively participates in webinars and seminars related to email marketing. 

7. Barry Levine 

Twitter Handler: @xBarryLevine

Followers: 6,180

Barry Levine

Barry Levine is a writer by profession, but when it comes to his grasp on marketing technology, hardly anyone can compete with him.

Barry is working for MarketingLand as a Martech Reporter which is why he knows so much about the latest tools for businesses.

Levine often tweets about technology changes, customer behavior, and their impacts on small to large scale businesses as well as new platforms. 

8. David Daniels

Twitter Handler: @EmailDaniels

Followers: 4,762

David Daniels

David Daniels is the CEO of The Relevancy Group (TRG). The company works with top vendors and brands in their research and analysis tasks.

He’s been a popular industry analyst and marketer and regarded as an authority in the email marketing niche. David also publishes TMQ Magazine that focuses on digital marketing news around the world. 

His tweets surround consumer behavior, email marketing strategies, emerging trends, and marketing techniques. 

9. David Moth

Twitter Handler: @DavidMoth

Followers: 4,475

David Moth

Econsultancy is a leading digital marketing agency that serves small to large businesses, and David Moth is a proud employee of this company.

David manages various social media accounts of Ecoconsultancy besides running the company’s blog.

His feeds offer useful information for newcomers and experts alike. 

10. Spencer Kollas 

Twitter Handler: @SpencerKollas

Followers: 4,362

Spencer Kollas

Spencer Kollas is the Vice President of Global Deliverability, Experian Marketing Services. He is also responsible for Experian’s email deliverability in more than 30 countries.

Kollas is quite active on Twitter and tweets about the latest trends in email marketing, digital marketing, leadership, and other related areas.

You can also subscribe to his blog called Marketing Forward where he shares tips to improve email deliverability and customer engagement etc.


Imagine the amount of data and information your Twitter feeds will generate when you’re following these top 10 influencers and email marketers. The bonus is, you’re not going to get tips on email marketing, but other digital marketing aspects as well. 

So, go on! And follow each of them, but don’t forget to tell us how much you’ve learned from them.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you. These are products I’ve personally used and stand behind. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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