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Here Is How AI Will Impact Blogging

Being a blogger is not a piece of cake as it may seem, you might not be in an office environment, but you are in that state of mind. But don’t worry, just like in all other fields, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also made its way to the blogging world. And, Here is how AI […]


Expert Blogging Tips For Beginners In 2020

New year, new me? This phrase only sounds good when talking about the makeover; however, while starting something new such as blogging considering the saturation too, can be a big challenge. But, don’t you worry, here are some Expert Blogging Tips For Beginners in 2020. 1. A Question To Ask Yourself is “Are You Ready […]


Blogging Niches: The Top 15 In 2019

Looking for blog ideas? Not sure about the blogging niches? But before that, you should identify your own abilities, interests and then research how you can start your blog with high-earning potential.  Following are some most successful blog ideas to motivate you. Blogging Niche 1: Food and Recipes HuffPost says seasoned food bloggers can earn […]


How to Design an Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing is the most used digital marketing strategy, yet proved highly effective for the businesses. It may end up at a high conversion rate if it is done correctly and following by the right procedure. In this article, you will find the two most significant ways that every digital marketer should opt to launch […]


How to Optimize a Squeeze Page for Search Engine Traffic

The current digital marketing jargon is more of a jungle in itself where only the pros know the proper way-outs. So what’s their little secret? Apart from the rest of lead generation strategies, the use of squeeze pages has worked efficiently in literally ‘squeezing’ the email and other contact information from the audiences that visit […]


My Story

My Story Chris Riviera, creator of neat-revenue.com. Hi! If you landed on this page, chances are that we have the same goal: making additional incomes by creating your own online business. Whether it is with a blog, by doing affiliate marketing or even by creating your digital products, you’ve come to the right place! I […]