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 June 1, 2019

By  Chris Riviera

Chris Riviera

Chris Riviera, Founder of neat-revenue.com.

Hi! If you landed on this page, chances are that we have the same goal: making additional incomes by creating your own online business. Whether it is with a blog, by doing affiliate marketing or even by creating your digital products, you’ve come to the right place!

I won’t tell you that I’m a marketing guru. Nor I’m selling IM products since 1991 making 7 figures per week lying down on the beach.

On the contrary, I discovered the Digital and Affiliate Marketing space not so long ago, in August 2015. I was looking on the internet a way to get an extra income and reduce my crazy working time (as an IT freelance, I was spending insane hours to work for others, with descent incomes though, but no time at all to spend it with my wife and little kids).

Days passed and I was doing more and more research on how to make money online and it seemed that the more research I did, the more online success stories appeared in front of me (thank you retargeting…).

So I started to take less freelance jobs to have more time for my new quest and finally be one of those success stories.

And I must say by looking at all the sales pages and squeeze pages here or there, that I was very surprised by all the promises and proof with {fake?} JVZoo account screenshot, that is was possible to make this amount of money online.

NOT my Account – But will be 1 Day !

So like you (I suppose), I’ve started to buy courses, tools, programs that will reveal “how to make 6 figures online without lifting any finger” (well actually just one to push a button).

But after thousands of $ and countless hours (on my free time) watching videos and reading eBooks, I was for sure, not making any $ on the internet.

And I started to wonder why? Was it a lie? Or was I doing something wrong?

Well, today I can affirm without any doubt that it is not a lie. The money you can make online is just insane and it is there just in front of you.

So what was I doing wrong?

I realized that I was spending too much time seeking for information, buying courses that were not what they were supposed to be, and most of all, not taking action.

One of my biggest default is that I feel that I need to master every aspect of the theory before doing anything. And the problem is that in digital marketing, there is simply too much thing to learn. So knowing everything is impossible (that plus the fact that it is a fast-evolving world so you have to consistently stay aware of new techniques and new things…).

One day I heard a quote from Zig Ziglar saying:

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

I love this quote. It was exactly my problem and the reason why I was not having any success online. I just wasn’t doing anything !!! (I mean nothing serious…)

My Old Office
My (first) Company Office

So I did. I started my own digital company in my garage (see image above) selling my own digital products in the software niche, and also did affiliate marketing in various niches, to end-up with neat-revenue (which was just landing pages at the very beginning), again for affiliate offers.

All of that for what result? $84,247.52 per month on average while sleeping (just kidding, sorry…).

Woocomerce Account
My WooComerce Account

As you can see in the image above (it is a screenshot of my online store selling software), I had some success and also many failures. It wasn’t a big home run right from the start.

I had some lucky sales at the beginning, and the chance to have a partner doing a promo for me a year after, but then I started other projects and saw my revenues dropping drastically because too busy on other stuff.

Hum. Ok, but still not enough to go to the Bahamas…

That’s right, but it’s a start (remember Zig Ziglar’s quote). And it was before 2017!

For me, 2017 was a crazy year and is when, as Bob Proctor says, I’ve had my paradigm shift, which really makes the difference today.

What was this “paradigm shift”? (glad you asked)

Well, in 2017, I had the chance of being involved as an IT consultant, in a digital product launch from someone very successful in his field, already doing 7 figures the years before. I joined a fantastic team to bring his business to another level. Working with them was an incredible experience in many aspects.

During the first launch, we did half a million $ in sales in just 3 days! Shocking! And more during the several following months. Other launches were very successful, and we finished the year just above the symbolic threshold of 8 figures.

It was an incredible experience. I learned so many things in marketing, emailing, doing a pre-launch to gauge the offer, then a real launch with affiliate management and contest, join-venture, and webinars.

Lately, still in 2017, I attended a webinar hosted by Dean Holland from Internet Profit who became a mentor for me since then (more about that below). This is when I discovered the concept of super affiliate and understood why my affiliate incomes where so inconsistent and… small. Through his program, I joined a fantastic community and even if my results were not crazy, I knew I was on the right path.

IPro back office
One of my Affiliate Accounts, here at Internet Profit

In 2018, I took the decision to automate my software e-store, from email sequence to automatic licensing and delivery. I’ve delegated the support task, and after all of that, I can proudly say that I’m earning around $3000/m on average after covering for all expenses. Which is nice considering the low amount of time running this business today.

2019 is the re-birth of neat-revenue.com

I’ve decided to build my online business around blogging and affiliate marketing. So neat-revenue is now a blog about the digital marketing space. It is my hub where I want to share my knowledge, experience and maybe do some case studies, so you can benefit from it too.

I’ve also created some online courses so you can learn the necessary skills to successfully build your online business too. The courses are straight, to the point, of quality (I’m biased on this one…) and affordable. Because remember this is only knowledge. Then you’ll have to take action (Zig Ziglar again…).


New Office
What a motivating view!

I have a new office ????

To conclude, I’d like to say that today, I have no doubt about the money you can make online. What has changed for me with these experiences, and what I think is the key here, is that it is important to understand and truly believe, without any doubt, that YES, it is possible to make 5 to 6 figures online.

Nothing was perfect at all in my digital marketer journey, and my affiliate incomes were almost 0 at the start compared to what they are today, but I’ve stopped “questioning the process”.

I still haven’t reached my 7 figures goal yet but I’m on the right path to it.

PS Section for those who jumped to the bottom of this page

PS: Few words about mentoring. As you will see if you decide to follow me, I truly believe that keeping a beginner attitude helps to master any skill required to reach any kind of goal you might have. That is why I have 2 Mentors that I follow carefully, almost like a cult, because they already are where I want to be, and they teach me how to get there myself too.

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results” – Tony Robbins

This quote is my moto and since then, my results drastically improved (I will reach the 6 figures threshold in 2019, that’s for sure, the next goal is to add one more). So whether you decide to follow me (not keen on social media, but will be soon!) or my mentors or anybody else, I strongly encourage you to do it, starting today!

So I hope you’ll come and join me (us) and you’ll continue visiting neat-revenue so you can you too, start to make money online.

Chris Riviera

I've been an online entrepreneur since 2010, starting with IT freelance jobs on oDesk, then doing consulting for bigger companies and now having my own online businesses since 2014. I've sold my first online business (in the software niche) in 2019, and now I'm working on several other projects in the digital marketing space.

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