How to Bring in More Traffic (Without SEO) 

 Last Update - September 23, 2021

By  Steeve Thompson

Does hearing about the latest updates make you nervous? Or do the changes in Google’s algorithm not faze you at all?

Whether you are a digital marketing specialist or not, it is important to know that SEO is not the only route to increase traffic on your website.

If you make it your only strategy, your business will not have a competitive edge. A well-optimized site is one that has various traffic sources along with a strong SEO strategy. 

Do Not Put All Your Eggs in the Same Basket

How to Bring in More Traffic

It is all very simple. Traffic equals conversions. Conversions equal revenue. 

SEO is considered to be the most important part of site optimization. However, people often forget it is not the only aspect.

There is stiff competition out there. And how would you be ahead of the pack if you optimize your site in a similar way to your competitors?

Not to forget, search engines regularly utilize new filters and change priorities to sieve out over-optimized websites. Diverse traffic sources will open doors often left shut by your competitors.

Beyond The SEO Plateau

Beyond The SEO Plateau

Companies often start by putting in a lot of effort into their SEO strategy to make their sites appealing to search engines.

And that generally yields good results. They get a high ranking for certain keywords. This drives a good amount of traffic to their site from search engines.

And like a gambler, when this occurs, they get too optimistic and dedicate further resources to SEO. That is when disaster strikes: the growth of organic traffic begins to decrease.

The SEO plateau can affect any business that relies solely on search engine marketing. Getting past this stage can be a huge challenge for most online businesses.

Here are some post-SEO practices that can ensure everything is on track:

1. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a common strategy for traffic generation. Unfortunately, it is often employed incorrectly.

The only thing hindering the complete potential of guest blogging is the lack of a proper strategy. Before you waste hours writing a guest post, determine what you are trying to achieve.

Here is a quick guide on how to formulate an effective strategy for guest blogging:

  • Look for websites and blogs, relevant to your niche, that accept guest posts. Make sure their audience includes your target group.
  • See if these sites are more authoritative than your blog. A high-quality backlink means a better impact and influence on your rankings along with increased traffic.
  • Determine what peaks the interest of the audience you are targeting. Write about the things that matter to them. 
  • The title and the by-line at the bottom significantly impact the success of your guest post. Think of catchy headlines to grasp the attention of your readers. End your post with a well-crafted and intriguing bio that encourages the audience to click on the link provided there.  

2. Social Media

Social Media

Social media does not care how well-optimized your site is. And while social signals from Twitter and Facebook may not directly affect google’s ranking algorithm either, the engaged traffic you can get from these websites is something search engines appreciate.

Here are some tips on how to correctly use social media to bring in more traffic: 

  1. Keep your followers and target market in mind. Your posts are for them. Give them value without expecting anything in return. Try communicating with them via comments replies. Make your presence seem as human as possible. Social media marketing is all about authenticity. 
  2. In the online world, content is king. See what kind of content related to your industry is popular on social media sites. Take inspiration from this content to easily gain traction.
  3. Schedule the posts beforehand to save time and ensure consistency. A smart schedule is necessary to avoid being seen as a spammer. Keep your personal social media habits in mind to devise an effective strategy. You can also reshare old posts as long as they are still relevant and provide value.  
  4. Apart from a robust social media marketing strategy, your site needs to be designed in a way that encourages the audience to share your posts on various platforms.

3. Q&A Websites

Q&A Websites

Have you ever searched a query on Google and a website like Stack Exchange or Quora had the answer? We have all gone through Q&A websites at least once when searching for something without even realizing it. 

These websites churn out organic traffic. They are unbelievably good if you want your business to get found online. You do not even need a complicated or comprehensive SEO strategy for it to be effective. 

Start by determining the topic, categories, and search phrases that are the most relevant to your business. Once you figure out which questions to target, give it your best shot. Carefully structure the content to make it substantial, interesting, and engaging.

Keep in mind, it is all about quality than quantity. Track your work to see if you are getting any results and if there is any room for improvement.

As with all marketing efforts, it is important to approach this method with a strategy in place to get the best results out of it. 


The popularity of your website largely depends on how fast you can formulate a strategy according to any new changes.

While important, SEO is NOT the only source to generate high-quality traffic for your website. Diverse sources will expand the horizons of your business.

You will be able to set your foot on territories still not discovered by your competitors.

The worldwide web is filled with communities and blogs eager to share knowledge and give expert opinions, as well as learn things. If you happen to be one of them, you will never miss out on an opportunity to bring in more traffic.

Steeve Thompson

I am Steeve, a professional SEO article writer, and web content specialist. I specialize in writing SEO articles, blog posts, marketing articles, and lots more. I spend my time writing, traveling, and meeting new people from all over the world.

  • Make up your mind. Early on this page, you say “Whether you are a digital marketing specialist or not, it is important to know that SEO is not the only route to increase traffic on your website.”
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    Well, which is it?

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