Affiliate marketing is a fruitful business offering hundreds of thousands of affiliates as proofs of success. They’ve earned millions and share their tactics to help others follow the suit. 

The question “Is earning $6K/Day with affiliate marketing a reality?” is still a secret. However, many of the entrepreneurs have given this goal a try. And believe me, those who’re consistent with the approaches, may not have reached there but they’re making way better than most of the other digital marketers. 


There’s no single formula when it comes to affiliate marketing business, and that’s actually the most attractive feature. It’s all about your will, your confidence, your ability to stand in hard times, and your consistency, affiliate marketing can become a hidden treasure for you. 

So, based on the knowledge and skills of different successful affiliates, this list showcases experienced approaches and methods to succeed in affiliate marketing:

Invest in Knowledge and Make Use of It

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To start with, affiliate marketing is a broad niche, beyond your imagination. Therefore, it offers mind-boggling knowledge and thousands of opportunities enough to tear your hairs apart.

First of all, be prepared to admit you don’t know what you don’t know. Then start searching for answers. Keep those moments in mind when you succeeded, and believe in yourself that you would succeed this time too.

Even if you’re a one-product type of a guy, you’ll always be a learner. Always search for things and document how you found answers to the problem. It will help you set a really informative guide to show-off when you become successful. 

Know What to Implement and When

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In your journey affiliate marketing success you have to learn to implement what you learned. Most internet marketers, especially affiliates fail in this respect because they’re reluctant or scared to implement any new strategy they come across. 

You can’t just implement everything, but if it’s relevant to your niche and resonate in your mind, try to make use of it. This practice, in the long run, will give you the confidence to try new things without fearing the outcomes. 

Learning something new is one thing, and implementing it at the right time is another. You may want to use Google Analytics to increase web traffic. Perhaps, the need of hiring a content manager would arise in the future. You should know what to implement and when while focusing on your target.

Choose the Right Tools at the Right Moment

There is a possibility to start affiliate marketing without a penny, but it limits your abilities and prevents you from enjoying the real privileges. Helpful affiliate marketing tools have a certain price. There are free versions but you won’t be able to get the real benefits out of them like the way you do with paid tools. 

Some handy tools

Cache of Products

That’s again up to you how many products you want to promote. Previously, we discussed you should stick to one product and dig deeper to explore opportunities to invite new customers. You can do the same, but while digging deeper, there will be opportunities and products that may be easy to promote for you. So, don’t miss the opportunity.

Having said that, you cannot just throw the links to all affiliate products in one article. It’s not the right way to do. Plus, it devalues your content, too. While creating a post like this one, choose your products wisely. 

Write Pillar Posts

This is the exact reason why you should be careful about inserting affiliate links. There should be enough content on your website to support those products, or enough knowledge to write about them in that particular post (if you don’t have support articles to link to). Foundation content is evergreen content and it should answer all the queries.  

Drive Traffic

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There are different ways to drive traffic to your affiliate site and retain your customers, but not all of those are equally efficient. As above, we discussed how Pinterest tools can help generate traffic. It is crucial to try different sources, including SEO, Social Networks, Email Marketing, and other digital marketing sources to get an audience for your product. 

For your convenience, here is a list of tips to generate your website’s traffic quickly. But, creating content for the targeted audience consistently, and marketing your content is absolutely vital for your affiliate marketing success. 

Come Up With Your Own Products

It’s optional whether you want to come up with your own products or not. By promoting your own products, you’ll have better revenue generation opportunities. Anyways, there are affiliates who don’t even think about bringing their own products to the table, and that’s acceptable. 

Think about 2-3 years from now, when you’ll have all the expertise as a successful affiliate. Then you might want to try launching a product of your own. So, leave the idea for now if you don’t want it, but I recommend you should file this piece of knowledge for future use. 

Know What and How to Outsource

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Since your dream is to earn thousands of dollars in one day and continue earning it, you cannot do it on your own. You need to have a workforce to accomplish all the tasks on time. This is where outsourcing comes in the picture. 

If you’re good at promoting your affiliate product(s), you may want to outsource the content creation part so that you can focus on what you’re good at. Similarly, there are other areas, like getting advertisements, running reports, managing your dashboard, development and many others that may hinder you from focusing on your main task. 

You can outsource these tasks using Upwork, Freelancer, and other job platforms.


Affiliate marketing can become simple if you plan the stuff beforehand. If you’re already running a business then it will be pretty easy to implement the above tips and focus on increasing your revenues.