Mentor #1 : Dean Holland

Main Asset : Availability

I joined his program, IPRO, in late 2017, and right from the start, I was so surprised about everything he provides, as well as his availability to answer and help us himself. You can contact him on Facebook, or per email, request a hot seat during the next weekly webinar he holds himself.

His team is super active too and the Facebook group made me feel like I was part of a community right from the beginning.

I remember that I once struggled to try to send traffic with solo ads and didn’t get good results. So I posted a message on the group and Dean answered to me by email to get more info. He did a little video to explain to me what was going wrong. I appreciated the fact that he took his valuable time to answer me (not everybody does that anymore…).

He hosts a Daily Live Broadcast on Facebook, called the Daily Dean Broadcast, where he talks about many things with regards to strategy, testing or ideas/new ongoing developments. He also answers specifically to one or two questions asked by us.

You can fill a form from your back office (like on the image on the left-hand side) and Dean will answer to it).

For example, I recently had various questions about his weekly webinar that he hosts every Tuesday. I thought it was a pre-recorded webinar and wanted to know the subject in advance so I can promote it. He told me that it was actually a live webinar (except when he is away, traveling or on holiday) and the subject was available directly from the optin page of the webinar.

Again, this is something I love with him because you know that he is here, every single day, helping us to succeed. Too many times I purchased something and discovered that the “Guru” behind the product was not running his business at all. I’m not against that as long as it is clear right from the beginning…

Becoming an IPRO Certified Partner

Below is a list of what he provides once you are an IPRO Partner that I’m sure you will enjoy too!


  • Daily Live Webinars, host by Dean Holland or someone from his team depending on the subject of the day.
  • A Certification Program, to be sure you understand and know everything you should know to use the full power of this program.
  • A 30 Days Blueprint, where you will be taught, step by step, how to build your online business from A to Z. In the end, you’ll get a blog set up, lead pages, several follow-up sequences, and affiliate links so you can start to drive traffic and earn your first commissions.
  • Daily Dean Question, which is in my opinion, super powerful. Dean holds a live broadcast every day in the Facebook group where he answers questions that members (meaning you and me) can ask to him via a form.
  • Resources/Tools/Tutorials, that you can access so you are sure to have everything you need to develop your online affiliate business.
  • And many more, like monthly news and update, top-secret side projects in which you can get involved, real-life seminars and so on…

Ipro Certified Partner

Daily Dean Question Form

30 days Blue Print

Ipro Certified Program

IPro account

Ipro Certification

See by Yourself!

I know all of this sounds promotional, and it is. But keep in mind that I do it because I truly believe in him and all the good value he provides. And most of all, I’m sure it will be beneficial for you too!
Also keep in mind that I’m teaching you on this site how to earn money doing affiliate marketing, which is what I do myself. So clicking on one of the links below will bring you to Dean’s offer and I may earn a commission for that. It won’t change anything for you but it must be clear.

Take a look at his NEW book!

The Iceberg Effect

Here is a FREE video to know more about him and what he does

Dean's Free Video

And Finally, here is a great value webinar

Dean's Free webinar