Mentor #2 : Anthony Morrison

Main Asset : DFY Business Maker

I joined his program, Ambassador, at the beginning of 2019 but it was not the same as with IPRO. At first, I wasn’t sure about his system and found difficult to find the information because there was too much info and some were outdated. However, after scheduling a call with his team, I started to understand how it works and then found his value added to his business : Building DFY business from A to Z.

Each and every week he is live on Thursday and shows us how to build a business online (by doing it), from the optin page to the video course and everything behind the scene like email follow-up and more…

Since I’m in, I saw him building an email marketing video course with the entire webinar funnel that we can use on our own and keep all the profit (100% + email list). I saw him building Partner with Anthony (PWA), which I follow because it is a very good course about digital marketing and helps you build, step by step your own business online.

Lastly, he just finished a youtube video course with its entire funnel, again DFY so we can keep the entire profits and build our email list.

Another thing that I like is that he encourages people to create optin pages, thank you pages, and other content and even buy the best 2 or 3 (sometimes more) each week. In my opinion, this is a very good idea because first, it allow, us to earn $500 or so if we are chosen, and also, it forces us to actually build these things. And even if we do not win the money prize, we at least win the action and experience prizes that have even more value to me. He also takes examples that are not so good, and explain why it is not, so we can train and get better to it.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. .”.

So like for IPRO, I encourage you to at least have a look at its offers. PWA is only $7 a month and if you can to bring 2 people from your affiliate link, it won’t cost you anything. And the value is really here.

Below is a list of what he provides, depending on the program you are in.

Morrison Education Center

Below is a list of what he provides depending on the program you purchased


  • Weekly Live Webinars, host by Anthony Morrison himself, where he actually build a new DFY business right in front of you.
  • Access to Morrison Education, where you’ll find free and paid programs, again DFY funnel that you can download for free and keep all the profits.
  • 30+ Sessions with around 5 Modules per session [PWA Members Only], where you will be taught, step by step, how to build your online business from A to Z, with homework and things to do so that at the end you got your online business up and running
  • Video Tutorial and Course [For Ambassador Program], to help you understand how things work and what to do to start to earn some affiliate commissions.
  • DFY Businesses, that you can tweak, modify, adapt and put online to start earning money. This is a real stepping stone for those who have difficulties to get their “first sale”…
  • And many more, like daily news and updates on his Facebook group, real-life seminars and so on….

Morrison Education Home

Partner With Anthony Home Page

Ambassadors Home Page

Affiliate CRM software

See by Yourself!

I know all of this sounds promotional, and it is. But keep in mind that I do it because I truly believe in him and all the good value he provides. And most of all, I’m sure it will be beneficial for you too! Also keep in mind that I’m teaching you on this site how to earn money doing affiliate marketing, which is what I do myself. So clicking on one of the links below will bring you to Anthony’s offer and I may earn a commission for that. It won’t change anything for you but it must be clear.

Create a FREE account to Morrison Education Center

Morrison Education Center Free account

Here is a presentation of his Low-Cost/High-Value program Partner With Anthony (PWA)

PWA access

And Finally, here is a FREE training from Anthony

AM Free Access